Santanol harvests its trees from more than 2,500 hectares of East Indian Sandalwood plantations based in the far north corner in Western Australia, Kununurra and owns more than half a million trees of varying ages.

In its natural environment, it can take from 35 to 60 years until commercial amounts of oil are produced in the heartwood of the tree. We create the best possible growing conditions, and Santanol plantations can be harvested after 15 to 16 years. After harvest, the land rests for a minimum of one to two years before replanting.

Santanol have over 25 team members who are managing and working on our plantations with about one third of these team members identifying as Indigenous. We have a Research and Development centre in Kununurra where we have programs designed to enhance tree selection, genetics, weed management and chemical usage so that future plantings will give healthier trees yielding greater amounts of East Indian Sandalwood oil upon harvest.

Our East Indian Sandalwood oil is Ecocert/COSMOS Natural certified.

"Every tree has its unique story, starting with the seed collection, the germination of the seeds in our nursery to the planting out and nurturing for 15 - 17 years in our plantations."
David Brocklehurst – Managing Director